Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Travesty of Justice - The Dawn Rowan Saga

The Australian Government has just spent $500,000 to bring David Hicks home from Guantanamo Bay after a trial which itself was a travesty of justice. But this is 'peanuts' compared to the millions of taxpayers' money wasted on prosecuting an innocent woman, Dawn Rowan. See

She won a long-running case against the SA and Commonwealth Governments - and now they're pursuing her for costs, which will bankrupt her - and not only has she been declared innocent all through 21 years, she has been found to be the victim of some rather questionable actions by the state!

For a more detailed telling of the story, see the report from Channel 7's Today Tonight program by going to the front page of

Rowland Croucher of John Mark Ministries is prepared to answer any questions you mightahave about this sorry saga and misuse of government power. Feel free to contact him:

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Rowland Croucher said...

Thanks Gary for publicizing this. I meet with Hon. Kevin Andrews (Minister for Immigration in the Howard Government) this Friday. Tomorrow (Thursday 21st June, 2007, the local 'Leader' newspaper for Dawn's locality is doing a story about her.

Anyone reading this: please contact your local or other Federal Member of Parliament on Dawn's behalf. See

Rowland Croucher